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Friday, May 9, 2014

Victory Day in Mariupol: people stop armor with their bodies


Anonymous said...

Please post this too before it's gone from Youtube... Unarmed civilians were shot and killed by Ukr. militiamen in play daylight this morning, in Mariupol.

Anonymous said...

NaziGuard in Mariupol shooting unarmed civilians:

Anonymous said...

A contributor on MoA notes that the junta's 'troops' are shooting civilians, at about 4:20 into

h/t Anonymous 7:50:53 AM | 120

Anonymous said...

The crowd in the first video forms an amazing contrast to the crowd found marching in a pro-junta rally. Men, women, all ages, children too, some in pushchairs. No face masks. Women carrying flowers rather than ugly masked men all tooled up for a fight.

David Alan McBride said...

Thank you very much for these videos. All the media and heads of state have agendas to fulfill. It is very refreshing to see what the actual people themselves are doing. Shades of Tiananmen Square. May the great peoples of Ukraine have a wondrous result.

I live in the USA. I am loyal, however, to the Native American Indian body, mind and soul. The ONLY time the USA was the land of the free and the home of the brave was before Christopher Columbus arrived. The USA is the land of lies and the home of genocide.

Thank you again Slaker. Thank you Ukrainians. You have a kindred spirit in me.

David Alan McBride said...

Sorry, I accidentally hit the L key on my keyboard. I apologize to The Saker. I did not mean to type Slaker.

Tom Garrett said...

Russia Today reports that policement occupying the Mariupol Interior Ministry are under attack by Kiev troops and armored vehicles. The building appears to be already on fire. If it is true, as one "Ukrainian MP Oleg Lyashtko" says that "An order has been issued not to take anyone alive" it becomes clear, as I posted earlier, that Kiev intends to terrify eastern citizens by making an 'example'--the more horrible the better--of those who resist.

Is Putin going to sit calmly, saying nice things about 'cooperation' and Russia's pacific policies while this continues?

Anonymous said...

It was before my time, the Canadians, Americans and British forces liberated Holland.

This would never have been possible without 27 million brave Sovjet sacrifying their life to defeat Hitler.

So we should be greatful, and wish you a happy victory day!!!

And hopefully on Sunday, the referenda will have a good turnout, without too much violence!

hardcore said...

It is not of any good to promote decency and bravery when the "enemy" is keen to follow the advices of the likes of Han Fei Tzu.
To very briefly summarize him: Those who cannot be bribed nor blackmailed shall be eliminated because they can be of "no use".
This didn't bring him luck though, the first Chinese Emperor DID implement his ideas by first having him executed...

Anonymous said...

I visited the VK site and I saw a few young people from Mariupol indifferent or fearful to show celebratory symbols of Victory Day, and many others showing that they support the people struggle. I understand that most of the fascists killing civilians are Right Sector thugs, paid killers or mercenaries. The army is not following orders from the junta. I wonder what kind a "Victory Day" those military people spent knowing that they are indifferent to fascism in their country; what would they feel witnessing fascists killing their own people. I got messages from two friends from two different cities in east Ukraine, and they are terrified and afraid to be killed by the right sector. Russia will help Ukrainians if they help themselves. Russia cannot intervene now knowing that at the first opportunity Ukrainians might turn their back on the motherland. People of Ukraine must show character, not just a few. The fascists will run after they see that the people has awaken. Victory Day symbolizes a price paid for getting rid a fascism. Ukrainians must honor their veterans. If they want autonomy, they should go and vote during referendum day. That would be a way to show the will of the people.

Gareth said...

Some truth is beginning to leak out into the US media:

Samantha Power’s brazen hypocrisy: Media swallows propaganda, but here’s the truth about Ukraine -

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mariupol policemen have refused yesterday to take action against the pro-russian activists. The police HQ have then been surendered by the ukrainian National Guard, and Right Sektor militants. The policemen refused to vacate the building and to hand it to pro-ukrainians. The pro-ukrainian forces then opened fire and there was a gunfight followed with the shelling of the police HQ by armored vehicles and tanks. These armored vehicles have also opened fire on the unarmed civilians who were having a Victory Day parade. Snipers have also targetted the pro-russian demonstrators. Anyway here is the site of rhe Mariupol News :

Have a look and spread the information.

Tom Garrett said...

In this country today, from 6 to 8 % of Americans are willing to commit "boots on the ground" to defend the Ukrain. Despite all of the press disinformation and propaganda this figure remains unchanged. I doubt if even an outright Russian invasion would raise it more than a few points. Anato Lieven in New York Review of Books, puts it this way:"The West itself will not fight for Ukraine. All the blowhard posturing of US and European officials cannot hide this fact."

But if it's true that they will not openly commit forces, the Americans and Brits will sneak in mercenaries and advisers, hold "joint maneuvers" in which more maneuver in than maneuver out, engineer provocations and false flag incidents. Odessa/Transnistria/Moldova and Armenia/Azerbazan are particular danger zones.

There is, I think, a fair chance--which would be much improved if Kolomoiski was, in Special Forces parlance, "taken out"-- for an agreement on 'Federalization'. But for an acceptable agreement there must first be a 'sea change' in Washington's attitude. At a time when Russian restraint is--as now seems to be the case-- interpreted as weakness, the bear may have to not only show its teeth, but use them.

lostinukr serguey said...

Few comments from friends in Odessa : they are scared to move in town, scared to have meetings in bar or café. they just do minimum, feeling oppressed, under fears and control. Many of them are right now upset by the killings, but so scared to show their anger. They are believing to soon live an apartheid state. They think soon, Kiev will create new laws to divide population between Ukrainian natives and others. They believe Ukrainian natives will have jobs and status, priority, and others will just serve them the "soup".
they start to think to leave Ukr, to leave their business, town etc..; They confirmed me that Jews community is prepared to move asap. The Police is absent. Only "Militia" with masks is ruling the town... Many of my friends, for the first time, they feel Ukraine lost for ever. they are very pessimistic. They didn't care about Kiev coup, because for them, Kiev is far, and Odessa has his own rules and very cosmopolite town.
Now, they feel lost, sad, and hopeless...
No comment...

Crossvader said...

I think the situation may radically change after May 12. Once people vote to separate themselves from the Ukraine, these military regiments will be presented with three options: become Novorossiya's armed forces, leave, or be destroyed.
As I understand, the pro-Russian forces have plenty of anti-armor weapons, yet we never see any tanks being set alight. The only explanation I can come up with is that the "rebels" don't want to damage their own future equipment.
After May 12, however, once it's clear who is a friend and who is a foe, many of these vehicles will be stopped not by women's bodies, but by grenades and missiles.

Anonymous said...

Kiev-appointed Kherson governor Odarchenko praises Hitler in Victory Day speech, crowd can't believe their ears. People get totally furious, rip the microphone off its stand.

Anonymous said...

In reality the situation is heart breaking.

For French speaking readers FR2 broadcasted an up to date documentary which was remarkedly unbiased.

These people are so poor (by western standards) which makes their actions against the tanks even more dignified.

Pour la Syrie said...

Odarchenko, the Kiev governor of Kherson praises Hitler who came to free Ukraine from staline...

Anonymous said...

The PAY DAY will come...

I've just finished watching joyful fireworks acreened by Rossiya 24 channel having in mind Mariupol...

The PAY DAY will come!!!

Anonymous said...

GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 41 sek.

At Mariupol hospital doctor has said number killed today could be over 100.

Anonymous said...

This video presents a different perspective than what's been previously available regarding the shootings in Mariupol today. It is obvious from about 2:50 onwards that at least one participant in the pro-Russian crowd was armed with a handgun and fired repeatedly at the Ukrainian soldiers. This mirrors the earlier fighting in slaviansk and other hot spots where the separatists invite aggression only to use their unarmed sympathizers as a screen or shield. It's a cynical tactic intended to neutralize the response of Kiev's forces and deserves to be at least honestly pointed out irrespective of which cause one supports.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 09 May, 2014 17:56

Only ONE woman with a child in hands had courage to take the pig a microphone.

Only one woman with a child!

Shame on Ukrainians, shame on Russian Ukrainians!

Anonymous said...

Salon has done an article on Samantha Power and reporting

Anonymous said...

Crimeans must be thanking their lucky stars they were a bit quicker off the mark than the rest of their Russian-speaking brethren in Ukraine. The Nazi killers are definetly in full-on bloodlust mode now. Expect more horror stories to come from Slavyansk and Mariupol in the next few days, then it's onwards to Donetsk & Luhansk. There won't be a peep from the West about any of this of course. I respect Putin but I don't think he will do anything to help the "rebels" unless Russian sovereignty is violated.

Anonymous said...

Another good read:

hardcore said...

16:53 GMT: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary John Kerry have spoken on the phone discussing the possible joint effort of the OSCE, Russia, the US and the EU to help resolve the Ukrainian crisis.
What the heck can Lavrov expect from Kerry?
Does anyone has some idea of the purpose of such talks OR what could be the real content spoken?

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Anonymous said...
This recording sheds light on the Possible reasons why Kharkiv at least has declined to hold referendum. Not sure if Luhansk and rest of Donetsk oblast will follow suit but it's hard to see them accomplishing much in light of the machinations being discussed in this recording.

tom garrett said...

I see that, in haste or maybe because of the crazy red lines that appear, I've misspelled Transdnistria and Azerbaijan. I'm ignorant but not quite that bad.

The one way to short circuit the whole mess is for action by the Ukrainian army, or at least by the eastern garrisons. I take some encouragement from the appearance of weapons--that they could only have gotten from the army--in the hands of Dontetsk militants which suggests the garrison is in de facto alliance with them. But I doubt the commanders will come formally aboard--certainly not outside the two oblasts-- without assurance that the Russians won't 'leave them hanging'. I have the sense too that Kolomoisky, who is likely the central spider in this web of events- is bribing a lot of officers. The situation--with factions hardening among coup participants-- grows,every day, more complex. The fault lines for eventual civil war in the west may already be appearing.

One noticeable trend is the movement of the hard right, in the States as well as Europe, toward Putin's corner. One reason--on this note I depart--is the fact that Russia's birth rate has reached replacement yield, while that elsewhere among most Caucasian populations or population segments is far below it.

I'm off for the mountains. Thanks for the astute analyses of these events.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have information on the possible consequences for Europe if Ukraine defaults? Anyone have a link to a news article?

Anonymous said...




so much for freedom of information in you tube

so much for democracy and freedom of information in GRINGOSTAN

---->>>>>>> When will the USans wake up???????

Anonymous said...

The people in the 3rd video are shouting 'Pozor!' (Shame!), 'Ubiytsi!'('Killers!', just in case smb doesn't know Russians.
Thank you, guys, for telling the truth.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 31 sek.

At Hospital Number 2 tonight, in Mariupol, senior doctor tells me, off the record, of official death figures here - 'don't believe them'.

GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 5 sek.

1/2 Ukraine military attack came as crowd of reportedly over 10k had gathered for Victory Day. Witness reports of Ukrainian snipers...

GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 43 sek.

2/2 ... going onto roof of SBU building, firing down both on self-defence and unarmed civlians and journalists. #Mariupol

PS Let's someone d/load the films:

PSS. I got no account and never will have on Google Spy Machine.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to type the hyperlink:

Anonymous said...

Three titles from the

Kiev's army shoots at civilians, uses tanks, APCs in attack on Mariupol police HQ (VIDEO)

Medical jet due to pick up badly wounded RT stringer denied landing in Ukraine

Navy, jets, air show: Sevastopol marks V-Day, 70 years of liberation from Nazis (VIDEO)

My question: when the navy and the jets strike like Thor's Mjölnir and wipe from the Earth the human trash of Ukraine called the NatGuard and the Right Sector (plus ALL mercenaries and ALL CIA instructors)?!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of videos available at the Mariupol News website, there is a link posted to this website above. Have a look. These videos clearly show who was the agressor there.

BTW in Sloviansk today a 12 years old kid was shot by a sniper while he was playing outside his house. The boy was wearing the pro-russian Saint-George ribbon.

Moreover, a RT stringer was shot in Marupol point-blank while he was trying to get closer to film the fighting. He was clearly identified as a member of the press.

But of course, none of these killings can compare to the Odessa massacre, where it seems that among the nearly 40 pro-russian activists who have been burnt alive was found the body of a pregnant young woman.

One of my friends lives in Odessa, she wrote that: "I am trying to find a difference between what is happening to us and faschism, but I find none".

Anonymous said...

Hi Saker,

Not sure if my hearing is correct, i could be mistaken. But, that video you posted in the center, that guy siting in the tank says a very english "tell them to fuck off" between 0036 and 0038 sec.

I could be mistaken though.

Bob Jackson said...

Anonymous, 09 May, 2014 18:36: "There won't be a peep from the West about any of this of course. I respect Putin but I don't think he will do anything to help the "rebels" unless Russian sovereignty is violated."

Ah, another consumer of politics, rather than a participant. Anonymous could aid the "rebels" by mobilising against his own government's support of fascist terror. But he doesn't. He leaves it all up to the Russians. I wonder whether Putin respects him.